Live Concerts

Madhumita performs with her music band at various functions such as local community events, birthday parties, marriage anniversaries and special occasions (engagement ceremonies & weddings). For the last 25 years she has been performing in USA, Canada and in India.

Her live shows are typically for about 2 hours. The team comprises of her husband on multiple keyboards and guitar. We also have excellent tabla players who play with us. Most of the recent programs have had Jyoti Prakash on Tabla depending upon who is available. In a recent Kolkata program, Preetimoy Goswami (legendary tabla player for Shyamal Mitra) accompanied me. Sometimes, we also have a flute player (Pt. Radha Prasad-ji) who accompanies us. We have also had Anis Chandani on keyboards and Rishi Thakar on Octopad at our concerts. We bring all the sound system for our shows when required.

While I love to do stage shows, I usually prefer a cozy home audience where people are good connoisseur of Indian music. Our concerts are of very high quality where you get to dance, enjoy and have fun. Our dynamic stage performance will leave you spellbound.

For concert fees, schedule and availability, please contact us at 909-730-8898.

Cell: 909-730-8831


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